The start off... Original South




I’m Denny ! Designer and owner of Original South. And..


I’m one of those girls who is always cold! Instead of having a comfort zone, I guess I have quite a specific point.. (Which should be somewhere around 32 degrees Celsius.) To actually stay alive, I’m always on the lookout for clothes that warm me up during days that might not exactly reach 32 degrees. 


But to truly understand the philosophy behind Original South, I have to tell you a bit more than just the fact that I’m always cold.

History, Original South

I travel(led) a lot my whole life! My parents showed me half the world, and I’m working hard on the other half myself.  It was during traveling I truly understood how lucky I am being born in this part of the world. And it was also travelling that made me understand how my daily life choices influences people all over the world. Is my 5-euro t-shirt worth child labour? Does it justify working up to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week? Shoud I be responsible for bad health and safety conditions for people who are not so lucky to be born in ‘my part of the world’?


A big NO-NO for me! So I started looking for ‘fair’ clothes and a much smaller world of fashion unfolded in front of me. Hmm… something the world needs to work on was my thought.


But then my mom was the actual start of it all. Like moms always are ;). She asked me: Why not you, Why not now? 

The Brand, Original South

That’s when the idea for ‘good’ and of course, warm clothes started to get shape. I wanted it to be made in Europe. The reason: transparency, logistic distances and quality. My choice fell quickly on: Portugal! My favourite country on earth! After a long search and a lot of kilometres, the perfect factory for making sweaters was found. In total there are working 6 ladies on Brother knitting machines, and in busy seasons a large group of ladies who are knitting at home can support them. Their enthusiasm and craftsmanship touched me.


I knew the second i walked in … my journey would start here!


When i was infected with these Fair Fashion vibes, i couldn't let go anymore. And within a week i found another company specialized in handmade leather products. Check #whomademyclothes to understand my choice for these factories. 

Vision & Mission

For me fair fashion isn't just a trend. And it shouldn't be the next generation's job. I see it as my mission. 

The world is innovating in so many ways, but the fashion industry stays behind. It has an immense negative impact on ecological and social circumstances. That's why Original South supports the fashion industry by buying in fair factories.


While I believe adolescent girls in other parts of the world are paying the price for the fast fashion industry.  

Let's beat the system, buy fair fashion!

See the vidoe's how our products are made!