Norwegian pullover 'Penacova'

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Norwegian pullover "Penacova"

*Fair & sustainable

*Made in Portugal

*50% recycled Portuguese sheep wool and 50% recycled acrylic

*incl. VAT., excl. Shipping costs

*Warms the body and heart

*Hand knitted Unisex

Fair trade
This sweater has a unique 2-in-1 warm-up function. It warms your body and your heart at the same time. How it works? Easy. The sweater is made of 50% recycled Portuguese sheep's wool combined with 50% recycled acrylic, which makes the sweater even machine washable! This sustainable combination warms your body in seconds. Your heart warms the sweater through the transparency, the good working conditions, sustainability at a fair price, short distances, as it is 100% Made in Portugal. A combination that gives you the real warmth of a Portuguese beach on a summer day.

If you take care of this sweater, it will take care of you!

             Width:            Length:            Sleeve: (from collar to hand)

S                  43 cm                        69 cm                    70 cm

                48 cm                       71 cm                    73 cm

                 50 cm                        78 cm                    76 cm

XL                 52 cm                        83 cm                    83 cm


*Washing machine - wool program 30 °
*Do not tumble dry
*let the sweater dry while laying down
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