"Batalha" with double knit collar and zipper

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Knitted pullover "Sagres"

*Fair & sustainable

*Made in Portugal 50% recycled Portuguese sheep wool and 50% recycled acrylic

*incl. VAT., excl. Shipping costs

*Warms the body and heart

*Hand knitted


Warm knitted sweater for all kinds of sporting activities or for in and around the house. Ideal for eg on a motorcycle, scooter or moped due to the thick, double knitted collar that closes high! (No extra suit required.)
Super easy to maintain (can in the washing machine). Does not sting.
Please note, the gray piping is missing from most of the shipment that I have now. It is also black.
color may differ from the photo

        width: Length: Sleeve length: (from collar to hand)
S       51 cm   68 cm    70 cm
M       55 cm   69 cm    74 cm

L       56 cm   74 cm    80 cm
XL      57 cm    78 cm   86 cm

Composition: 50% wool / 50% acrylic

Washing instructions: 
In washing machine on wool program 30 ° / 40 ° Dry flat, do not use fabric softener. Never put woolen products in the dryer!
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