Barrosa wool cardigan with hood, zip and button closure in blue.

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"Barrosa"wool cardigan

*Fair & nachhaltig hergestellt

*Made in Portugal

 *50% recycled Portuguese sheep wool and 50% recycled acrylic

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 *Warms the body and heart

 *Hand made



This knitted cardigan with zipper, button closure, double knit collar and cuffs and two front pockets also has a hood. A wonderful cardigan with which you can be very active. The composition is very easy to maintain!

          width:          lenght:                  sleeve lenght (from collar to hand):

S         52 cm           63 cm                  73 cm
M        55 cm            70 cm                  78 cm

L         56 cm            70 cm                  80 cm

XL       60 cm            78 cm                  81 cm


*Washing machine - wool program 30 °
* Do not tumble dry
* let the cardigan dry while lying down

*do not use fabric softener.

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