knitted 100% wool sweater "Peredo"

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Wool Sweater " Peredo"

*Fair & sustainable

*Made in Portugal

* 100 %  Portuguese sheep wool 

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*Warms the body and heart

*Hand knitted

*Unisex model

This sporty wool sweater in the beautiful color mixed brown / beige is really fantastic. It is not a very thick sweater, but it is warm. The wool does not sting. The sweater has 2 wooden string buttons and a hood. There is a large side pocket on the front of the stomach. At the bottom is a rope strung to tighten the sweater, but if you don't like it, it is easy to remove. In short, a nice sweater for outdoor activities but also good to wear indoors!


    Width: (from left to right)   length:   sleeve length: (from the hat to the collar at hand)

    44 cm                             62 cm     57 cm

    50 cm                             68 cm     67 cm

L       53 cm                             74 cm     71 cm

XL     54 cm                            78 cm      77 cm

Washing instructions: wash on a wool program 30 degrees, do not use fabric softener

and dry flat. Never dry in the dryer!

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