Knitted wool sweater "Arcos"

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Wool Sweater " Arcos"

*Fair & sustainable

*Made in Portugal

* 100 %  Portuguese sheep wool 

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*Warms the body and heart

*Hand knitted

*Unisex model


Our first 100% wool sweater. Beautiful sweater that is also wonderfully warm. The sweater has a double knitted neck. The cables and wybers complete the sweater. The color is neutral and fits on every pants and skirt. The ideal sweater to wear during the cold winter months but also on less cold days because wool regulates the temperature so that it is never too cold or too warm. In short, a fantastic sweater.

Note the size S is very small / short!

       width:    Length: Sleeve length: (from collar to hand)  

S       50 cm    63 cm     64 cm

M      52 cm   70 cm      79 cm

L       53 cm   75 cm      79 cm

XL     55 cm    78 cm     82 cm

Washing instructions wool

It is best to spin wool at the highest possible setting to make the clothes as dry as possible. However, you can still wash wool by hand. For this it is advisable to use cold or lukewarm water, because otherwise the wool will be affected. Never use fabric softener !!

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