Original South Supports:

The girl effect

With every Original South product you buy, you will be supporting The Girl Effect. Because someone, somewhere is paying a price for the fast fashion industry.


If girls are given a chance…


To stay in school,

Get access to healt services,

Delay marriage and childbirth,


… it’s not only them who benefit – so do their children, families, communities and countries.


What your purchase supports:


EDUCATION: Girls reach adulthood with relevant skills and knowledge to participate in economic, social and cultural life.

HEALTH: Girls have access to appropriate health services and possess the confidence to make healthy transitions to adulthood.

SAFETY: Girls are free from violence and exploitation and are supported by enforced laws, child protection systems and their communities.

ECONOMIC SECURITY: Girls can build and protect their economic assets and earn a safe income. Governments, communities and the private sector uphold girls’ economic rights.

CITIZENSHIP: Girls have equal access to services, opportunities, legal rights and personal freedom, and are able to fully participate as citizens of their communities.