Knee socks Original South

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Made in Portugal
50% recycled Portuguese sheepwool + 50% recycled Acryl.
Warms your body from tip to toe
Wash machine proof
Sustainability was never this easy and warm! Whether you want to enjoy a hot cup of tea on a rainy day. Or whether you want to relax on your couch at home on a cold winter day. Or you just don’t like to get cold feet and treat your body well. It doesn’t matter – these warm knee socks feel like the big self knitted socks that your grandma used to make. Your new knee socks are made of 50% recycled Portuguese sheepwool combined with 50% recycled cotton, which makes your socks even wash machine proof! And of course will you also support „The Girl Effect“  with your knee socks– just like with purchasing any other of Original South’ products.
Just cozy and handmade with love in Portugal!
How you take care of your cozy knee socks:
Wash machine - wool program 30°
Do not tumble dry
Dry flat

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